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Virtual or Shared CTO & CIO Services

Idea of making Shared or Virtual CIO and CTO services if to make top critical roles like CIO and CTO affordable for Small Medium Businesses globally. Both are different kind of roles.

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for building and overseeing the product technology strategy and roadmap of a company. 

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for building IT strategy and roadmap for the company. 

The technology leaders to work and align the technology with vision/mission/goals of an organization working very closely with the senior leadership team. As a small organization it very unlikely to hire (or be able to afford) a full time CTO or CIO from cost and utilization of skills.

So SMB organizations usually compromise and try manage with what they have, and sometimes it’s more cost because of duplication of efforts across the functions. Idea of making CIO and CTO services affordable to the Small Medium Business, we provide shared and virtual CTO and CIO for the organizations.

As most successful businesses would vouch for technology as their key success factor and the owners of these businesses would definitely agree that they leave technology to the experts.

Based on the study most of the small organizations due to the size of the organization and the growth plans vs investment doesn’t require fulltime CTO and CIO’s other than initial times while building strategy. The shared CTO and CIO concept is keeping that in mind, where he/she will work as your own associated leadership member spending more time in the start and required time later to oversee the execution. This will help you get what you want without investing fixed amount on an ongoing basis and can be available on need basis. This will also bring outside view for building strategy and roadmap for your company with the advantage of learning about the best practices in the industry at a fraction of cost.

This concept of virtual or shared CTO and CIO is not new to all, this concept helps you break out from this vicious circle of costs vs importance of CTO and CIO for the organization. You will find highly skilled people associated with similar goal to find technology solution to your business problems. It is common for small & medium business owners to wear multiple hats, although not many would be comfortable leading the technology piece, even after knowing the importance of technology.

How this works;

  1. Once you understand and decide hire CTO or CIO reach out to us, and we will understand the scope of works during initial days to define the duration of time to be spent onsite and offsite.
  1. Also based on the business, industry and organizational goal, the right skilled person will be assigned.
  1. Once the person is identified the NDA will be signed between the person and the organization.
  1. MOU with the cost will be signed between the organization and the person/organization responsible for providing shared/virtual CTO and CIO.
  1. And more….

What services can you expect from Shared or virtual CTO?

Here are the common services you expect from your shared/virtual CTO program, what all is included will depend on contract to contract.

  1. Build Technology roadmap based on the organization business mode.
  2. Building technology architecture based on the business goals for services and products of the company for their customers, keeping the scalability in mind.
  3. Assessments of your existing product roadmap based on the industry directions and outlook.
  4. Vendor management, technical staff building and coaching, performance reviews, people development plans.
  5. Representation of the company in front of your customers.
  6. And many more…..

What services can you expect from Shared or virtual CIO?

Here are the common services you expect from your shared/virtual CIO program, what all is included will depend on contract to contract

  1. Building IT roadmap for improving organization’s speed of processing information to make it available on time for leadership and management teams for taking informed and timely decision.
  2. Improving the productivity if the employees by using right technology platforms, systems, software’s available in the market.
  3. IT vendor management to get the best value for you investment on IT.
  4. Building right and effective IT team, and time-to-time align IT with the business needs.
  5. Building the right strategy to safe guard company’s interest.
  6. Interviewing and hiring IT technical or specialized staff.
  7. Assessment of your requirement and the advantages of using cloud technology, and overseeing the implementation of cloud in the organization.
  8. And many more….