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Mobile Device Management


Mobile Device Control for the Way You Work.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is mission-critical for millions of IT professionals around the world. Organizations expect rapid deployment of smartphones, tablets, and applications as well as security enforcement, optimal mobile infrastructure performance, and cost avoidance polices that prevent increases in total-cost-of-ownership.

RP has the most comprehensive smartphone and tablet lifecycle management solution available. End-users get fast activation on their device of choice while enterprises easily manage thousands of mobile devices and applications.

RP’s MDM delivers a host of market-leading features including:

  • Allow-Block-Quarantine based on device, employee and application policy compliance
  • Robust client application for policy management, monitoring and enforcement
  • Mobile application deployment you can trust
  • Real-time cost avoidance policies that prevent bill shock

Mobile Device Management.

The most comprehensive control for deploying mobile devices
RP delivers integrated device provisioning, configuration, security, monitoring, management, and support for devices owned by your company and employees

Integrated MDM and TEM.

Integration between RP’s MDM and RP’s Wireless TEM portal provides a seamless user experience for end-to-end mobile policy compliance.

  • RP MDM receives carrier plan details and updates in real-time from RP’s Wireless TEM portal as well as plan-based alerts.
  • RP’s Wireless TEM portal receives application lists, device memory status, and real-time usage statistics from RP MDM.
  • Only approved devices for procurement are provisioned with the appropriate usage, management and security policies when accessing enterprise resources.

Mobile Application Management.

Secure App Lifecycle Control
Employees are demanding access to both enterprise resources and applications that raise productivity and support real-time collaboration. Securely empower them with public and custom-built IT approved apps across your business, employees and shared devices.

rTEM: Real-Time Telecom Expense Management.

Prevent Bill Shock 
Real-time applications to track usage and costs

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Easy as 1-2-3  
RP delivers a flexible solution for managing employee-owned devices including security, apps and content uniquely based on ownership model.​

For more details please send an email to : sales@rpnetworksolutions.com

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